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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Women, we let the side down, again!

People are writing reams about how not enough Indian women are joining the workforce. It's been a constant lament in the national as well as international media. We the women have once again let our side down.

Like it wasn't enough to have them feel embarrassed that we keep getting raped and burn ourselves for dowry which our parents can never pay enough of. Nor have we stopped killings ourselves in our mothers' wombs- now this utter humiliation among the ranks of nations. What a shame! Not earning enough; that's a crime no self respecting capitalist society will forgive you, babe!

Of course we do back breaking labour in the fields and farms and oh! the kitchen- nope, can't mention that embarrassment here, come on! Kitchen doesn't count as a workplace. Only where you are paid for your labour, that alone counts as a workplace.

Of course, us women do all the work nobody else wants. But that's just the way the world is, we just aren't efficient enough or smart enough to do those other fucking paying jobs.

Besides, if everyone goes out of the house, who does the cooking and cleaning and looking after the babies? 

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