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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Codes Without Meaning

An ambulance siren screams
through the pre dawn darkness of the night,
slits the throat of silence.
Like blood, from a wound,
its wails gush out, running wild.

Like waves of the sea, astir,
weighed down by an anchor,
the quiet turns around and slumps heavy on my chest, with a thump.

Rock myself, from side to side,
Limbs flail,
But the silence has entered every tissue,
Frenzied, unrest overtaken mind.

An embedded code in every word, extracted each of its meaning.
What use are words when meaningless,
Garbled messages don't need saying.

Jumbles of letters, as they stay in my head.
Empty words empty spaces,
empty rooms, empty faces.
Devoid of all meaning.

I grasp at straws,
fistfuls of vacuum I grab,
like its a hollow I must fill.
Try to claw my way out,
whatever I may  grasp,
I cannot un-empty the dread.

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