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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Drowning

I repeat the words, 
and they come back to hound. 

They lose all sense-
meaningless words, 
unstrung from their sentences,
hang around in mid air 
like a conjuror's trick.

Hang for a while, before they sink- 
sink into the depths of my senses.
Float up again in my dreams,
when the world sleeps in peace
they wake up
wander around, unmoored,
shackles flung away-
they come unwound.

Meaningless letters,
soundless words
wordless  sounds :

they all gather around
weights compound 
pile up one on another
ricochet, rebound.

And in a final tumult 
they take me down.
Together  forever, my words and I, 
we all drown.

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