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Monday, 15 August 2016

Independence Day

Don't bullshit me about celebrations when millions don't have food to eat nor a roof over their heads and children don't go to school cos your government thinks they are better off supporting their families and your army goes happily raping women with impunity under the cover of AFSPA and blinding children with pellets as they play inside their own homes.

Where you kill 2000 girls in the womb every single day. When you burn brides after you have wed them and have sworn their safety to their parents, one woman burnt every hour. And where the honour of a woman is only in in her vagina.

A woman who goes on fast for 16 long year to repeal a draconian law is repeatedly arrested and released and the cycle repeated. And the law remains.

When poor men rape, you ask for them to be hanged, and when men like you rape and are convicted, you call a freshly minted law which hasn't yet even been tried out, draconian?

where you're doing all you can, to dismantle every piece of legislation in favour of women, while calling for the hanging of rapists, if they happen to be poor men?

 Stuff your celebrations.

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